Former CIA Historian: ALL Agency Assets in Cuba, East Germany & Russia Were “Double Agents” 11

CIACIA Fooled by Massive Cold War Double-Agent Failure

All recruits in East Germany, Cuba, and Russia fooled agency

BY: Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon

The CIA was fooled by scores of double agents pretending to be working for the agency but secretly loyal to communist spy agencies during the Cold War and beyond, according to a former CIA analyst, operations officer, and historian.

The large-scale deception included nearly 100 fake CIA recruits in East Germany, Cuba, as well as the Soviet Union (and later Russia) who supplied false intelligence that was passed on to senior U.S. policymakers for decades.

“During the Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency bucked the law of averages by recruiting double agents on an industrial scale; it was hoodwinked not a few but many times,” writes Benjamin B. Fischer, CIA’s former chief historian.

“The result was a massive but largely ignored intelligence failure,” he stated in a journal article published last week.

The failure to recognize the double agents and their disinformation designed to influence U.S. policies “wreaked havoc” on the agency, Fischer wrote in the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence.

Fischer stated that the failure to prevent the double agent deception was dismissed by the CIA as insignificant, and that congressional oversight committees also did not press the agency to reform its vetting processes.

Fischer was a career CIA officer who joined the agency in 1973 and worked in the Soviet affairs division during the Cold War. He later sued the agency in 1996, charging he was mistreated for criticizing the agency for mishandling the 1994 case of CIA officer Aldrich Ames, a counterintelligence official, who was unmasked as a long time KGB plant.

Critics have charged the agency with harboring an aversion to counterintelligence—the practice of countering foreign spies and the vetting of the legitimacy of both agents and career officers. Beginning in the 1970s, many in the CIA criticized counter-spying, which often involved questioning the loyalties of intelligence personnel, as “sickthink.”

The agency’s ability to discern false agents turned deadly in 2009 when a Jordanian recruit pretending to work for CIA killed a group of seven CIA officers and contractors in a suicide bombing at a camp in Afghanistan.

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  1. That’s why Cuban DGI had an Internal Counterintelligence Section Known as MQ, who was in charge of the “Cheking” all new Officers and Agents.On a random Basis it also “check”…”signals of enemy activities” around or upon all Officers and Agents. Officers do not like this Section and only old ones could work inside it.”Basis of recruitment’ was the main goal for the Section to identify”population at risk”.Sorry for the CIA. Dr Jose Acosta Ex-DGI Officer    

  2. Not all the Cubans that were working for the agency were Communist agents.Felix rodriguez was genuine and he helped capture Che Guevara. He was for years fighting the Castro regime and he was a clandestine agent infiltrating Cuba.The Cia made mistakes for lack of vision,in many cases they hired Cubans that were living in Cuba or were only living in the US for months. Everything depends on how deep are you willing to investigate a person before you can considered it genuine. The background will obviously tell you,even if the commies try to create a fake cover there is always a missing piece in their story that tells you that something is not right.Of course for people that have suffered under the communist system is easier to know how a communist agent will behave in certain situations to a point where they are predictable.Why?because they were persecuted by the communists agents and their bodies create an innate response that help them identify communists infiltrators.

    • It doesn’t matter. Castro won. When Aspillaga defected, the CIA top agent inside Cuba wrote a farewell letter to Langley that concluded with Patria o Muerte.

  3. The Cuban DGI should not be critics when in Cuba the investigations are none existent. The evidence and information is obtained by tortures,intimidation and because of the actions of chivatos that in most cases are acting on personal vendettas against the opponents of the Cuban regime. The Cuban DIM/DI and the MININT are not very smart,in my opinion they are PREDICTABLE AND STUPID!!! All we have to do is to observe the way the infamous Black Wasp network got dismantle and I would die laughing,there are not Cuban Communists named James Bond and when they have tried to become James Bond they have ended up in shackles hahahahahahahahahahaha! The Cuban five should be depressed. No more three meals a day and free vacancy. Since they were released they have lost weight,they are living on limited rations again,fried eggs and white rice!

    • Wasp Network was dismantled after the Cold War was over. During the Cold War, Castro won most of the intelligence skirmish against the CIA. The failure with Mongoose was more shameful than the Bay of Pigs’ fiasco.

  4. How about the failures of Cubans spies inside the US? There has been many of them and the liberal media never bothers to even mention it. The minute the CIA screws up anything,the liberal media are like vultures hovering over the carcasses. The Cuban DI is just like any third world intelligence service at a dictator’s disposal. Their primary function is to protect their dictator. Operation Mongoose,please!!! how long ago the so called operation mongoose happened? Only an idiot will believe that the CIA tried to kill Castro 600 times,Just like I have said before, If Castro was really considered a threat to the US,long time ago he would have been taken out of the picture. The reason the Castroids were recruited by the CIA was due to the lack of vision of a minority of CIA officers. If they wanted legitimate Cuban agents all they had to do was to look for them within the Cuban exile,there are many here in the states that are quite smart and educated,they failed because they wanted to recruit inside the island. The CIA recruited Cubans that sometimes had recently arrived to the US,big mistake.
    Castro won? In what way? Thanks to the internet the world know that he is a murderer and the world learned of his crimes. His island is falling apart,thanks to his mismanagement. Cubans are rioting in most of the provinces. The Cuban population have lost their fear of the regime and the regime is in regressive countdown.

    • Failures after the dirty war ended. They don´t count. And the real problem is not that the island is falling apart, but that people at distance are still thinking about Cubans rioting and regressive countdown, like the CIA in 1960, Bobby Kennedy in 1964, Bosch in the 70´s, Mas Canosa in the 80´s, Oppenheimer in the 90´s (Castro´s final hour), and so on.

      • Are still thinking about people rioting???? This is not what the dissidence videos from inside the island are showing,you may try to misinform the inept but you might as well tell your buddies within the criminal organization MININT that their system has failed(not that they don’t know of course)and the regular Joe on the streets are not longer afraid of them and this is a sign that the dictator Raul Castro has lost his grip on the regular Cubans. You may lie to your self thinking that your system in Cuba is working and you may repeat the same agenda that the dictators Fidel and Raul Castro have said for the last five decades but at the end you are not going to resolve anything,the Cuban communist repressive system is corrupt from the inner core and the regular Cubans,in Cuba know it. You are still caught in the past thinking about the CIA during the 1960’s,that does not matter,the reality is that since the dismantling of the inept Black Wasp network,your pathetic intelligence services have not been able to put together any other large operation,why?Because they are so pathetic and predictable that everyone in continental United States would be able to point them out.We are living in the age of technology and information travel in half seconds,too bad that you and your beloved dictator are still thinking in 1960. Mas Canosa?Mas Canosa was a member of the Cuban Revolutionary directory,he was a produce indirectly of the same revolution your beloved dictator betrayed. In the US, OUR INTELLIGENCE SERVICES ARE LOOKING FOR ANY COMMIE AND TERRORISTS TO PUT IN PRISON,SO I”M THINKING YOU SHOULD SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR BUDDIES IN THE DEVIL’S ISLAND AND TELL THEM THAT WHENEVER THEY SET THEIR FEET IN US SOIL TO BRING THEIR BULLSHIT OVER HERE,THEIR WILL END UP LIKE THE FIVE JAMES BONDS THAT SPENT A DECADE IN FEDERAL PRISON.

  5. First, the videos of every Sunday in Cuba with the same people “rioting” is a media circus. No political tension is true if it goes on for so long. It doesn´t matter that the system, as all we know, has miserably failed. What matters is that the anti-Castro movement has also failed in both versions: belligerent and peaceful. It has happened so because there were, are, and will be too much Cubans thinking that an uncomfortable opinion means the holder is a Castroit. And by the way, after winning the war and being almost six decades in power, Castro does not need spies in the U.S. soil anymore. For him it´s enough to get information from gullible Americans, while the so-called anti-Castroits keep on barking to the Moon.

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