Congressman Seeks Answers on Cuban Crime Rings 2

By Megan O’Matz and Sally Kestin, Sun-Sentinel

Cuban criminals are exploiting America’s generosity and must be brought to justice, a South Florida congressman told the new U.S. attorney general.

In a letter to Loretta Lynch, U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch said a U.S. law meant to help Cubans fleeing communism is instead being used by crooks “to evade arrest, avoid prosecution and deliver money stolen from American businesses and taxpayers back to Cuba.”

He cited a January Sun Sentinel investigation that found criminals taking advantage of the Cuban Adjustment Act to come to the U.S. and steal more than $2 billion over two decades.

The 1966 act gives Cubans extraordinary benefits unavailable to other immigrant groups: even Cubans arriving without permission can stay and become legal residents in just a year.

That makes it easier for the organized rings to rob Medicare, cheat credit card companies, and rip off auto insurers in schemes that can yield large sums with little risk of significant jail time, the newspaper found. Thieves and illicit money flow between Florida and its communist neighbor, aided by a law enacted as a gesture of good will a half century ago.

The law was adopted to help Cubans escape the Castro government, not “create a pipeline for sophisticated financial fraud,” Deutch wrote. “Yet crime rings in South Florida are using our humanitarian policy to successfully send cash and criminals back to the island without fear that the Cuban regime will extradite these fugitives.”

He urged the Justice Department to consider the issue in its negotiations with Cuba on reestablishing diplomatic relations. “Given the extent of the criminal activity described by the Sun Sentinel, I hope you agree that the issue of fugitives must be addressed during talks underway between the United States and Cuba.”

Deutch asked Lynch to update him “on this critical issue.” She took office in April, replacing Eric Holder, who resigned.

Diplomats from the U.S. and Cuba are scheduled to meet Thursday in Washington to continue discussions on establishing formal embassies in the two countries and creating greater avenues for cooperation. This historic move to restore diplomatic relations was announced by President Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro five months ago.

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  1. We need to first investigate if there is any connection between the Castro government and these criminals. There is a great possibility the Castro criminal family may be involved.Let’s take for instance during the 1980’s there was almost impossible for Cuban baseball players to defect,nowadays they are coming to America by waves. If there is a possibility that the Castro regime may be involved trafficking baseball players?I honestly think so,because Castro’s youngest son is in charge of the Cuban baseball national team and the cultivation of Cuban baseball talent. The Cuban criminal regime of the murderous Castro brothers is involved in every corrupt and dirty activity from drug dealing to money laundry to the abetting of criminals.If we want to find these criminals,look for them in Cuba.

  2. Let’s deeply screen the entrance of Cubans in the US,Many of them come to the US to eat and they are supporting the Cuban regime and traveling to Cuba every three months. We do not know if these Cubans that travels regularly to the Islands have nexus with the Cuban intelligence services. The best way to deal with this problem is to limit the adjustment act to Cubans that are been persecuted for political reasons,we at the same time should screen the political prisoners upon coming to the US interest office in Havana asking for applications to enter the US. The personnel involved in these transactions should have knowledge on the criteria to distinguish between someone that just wants to come to America for economic aims and at the end this person would be supporting the Castro regime or legitimate Cuban political prisoners.

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